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Are you looking to distribute nature inspired bath and body creations? If so, then look no further. Our Whole Truth Healthy Beauty™ line goes above and beyond to provide you truly unique formulations each containing raw elements of nature. We pride ourselves on quality and detail; we are compassionate about our environment and respect our innate connection to the earth and every living creature that inhabits it.
We are non believers in synthetic materials being placed on the skin which means the majority of our products are 100% plant based with the exception of natural beeswax, Organic Raw Manuka honey & Wild harvested Bee Pollen. With our heads held high we stand firm in our belief of Healthy Beauty™, each product is formulated with Certified Organic oils and butters, then we combine naturally occurring clays, pure essential oils, herbs, teas, spices, fruit & plant extracts each on their own providing numerous benefits for body, mind & Spirit. Yet delicately combined they provide the best that our precious earth has to offer!
Animal testing is simply NOT tolerated by our company, and we respectfully hope that it is not tolerated by others…
Our bright whimsically illustrated packaging is truly unique and extremely eye catching to a wide array of customers, giving our products standout shelf appeal.
The Whole Truth Healthy Beauty™ Lines includes:
All Natural Herbal Infused Bath Bars &  Clay Therapy Botanical Masques
Products Coming Soon: 
Essentially Whipped™ Body Butter, Coconut Cream Body Polish, Botanical Body Oil, Bath Truffles, Bath Tisane™, Savior Lips™, Nourishing Facial Oil, Botanical Facial Mist, Twigs & Berries Tea Blends & Mornin’ Munkie Children’s Bath & Body.
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