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Whole Truth Holistic Health Solutions LLC was founded by me, Teresa and my husband Frank; we are partners in life and partners in business. In 2004 I began studying Holistic health modalities and my love for all things holistic flourished. My journey began with massage therapy and since then I have studied Holistic nutrition and Herbal Medicine.

When I first began my studies in Nutrition I was absolutely devastated to learn about all of the occurrences taking place in this world, occurrences which I will refer to as a war against our health.

We live in a world where our food supply is tainted with chemicals, pesticides and other man
made substances that lead to health issues and rob our bodies of nourishment needed to be healthy. Our drinking water is filled with pharmaceuticals and rocket fuel, but our Government officials insist that in small amounts otherwise harmful chemicals are okay for our children.

For the first year of my studies I would have anxiety attacks, I felt so angry that all of these things were taking place, and that I would have to explain to my children that our world is not safe, and that organizations that are thought to protect and keep us healthy actually depend on a deteriorating race of people to increase their paychecks.

As my studies continued a fire in my belly began to ignite, I thought to myself that if I am so bothered by what is taking place around us I can do something about it. This internal conversation, paved the way to an idea of starting a business, and this idea was cultivated by my greatest supporter and biggest fan, my husband.

Being that I am Certified in Holistic nutrition and Licensed as a Massage therapist, offering these services are a given. So how did we find our way to the whole Healthy Beauty thing? Well, that too came with anger toward the terrible substances being placed in our skincare products. I had been making soap for my little ones to keep them safe from the horror that is commercial bath and body, and after much deliberation, and my knowledge in herbal medicine, here we are. I did tons of research, read all of the ingredients in “so called” eco-friendly, all natural skincare and bath n body lines, and to my dismay, there are only a handful of handmade bath and body companies that are truly eco-friendly and made with all natural plant based ingredients. I am so pleased to say that we are one of them!!

In the beginning there were bath bars…But even before then, there was me. I have always been a dreamer, lover of poetry, literature, music, theater and film. Let us just say that I love anything artistic. So upon creating our products I wanted to incorporate my love for these things into each bath bar. Hence the quirky names, each is an extension of me. Some of our bath bars have been inspired by childhood memories, the passing of my mother and other loved ones, music, Greek mythology, my husband and my children.

Our packaging was something that I needed to reflect myself and my family. We are always laughing, dancing around our home, singing and enjoying this life that we have been blessed with. I believe that if you could see our joy it would be just as bright as each illustration on our packaging! To tie in my love of words we added some words of wisdom on each package.

I am so pleased that we are finally able to share them with you.  I greatly enjoyed creating them and I sincerely hope you enjoy using them.

Whole Truth & Happiness,

 Our belief in prevention and achieving health:

We believe to the fullest, the importance of practicing prevention. It is probably the most vital component to incorporate into any lifestyle. One of the greatest ways you can practice prevention is through healthy nutrition. There are a large number of illnesses and diseases that are directly influenced by our diet.

To many individuals, health is simply a word with no true meaning behind it. Somewhere along
the way, we seemed to have lost sight of what health truly is or where to find it for that matter. But the good news is, health is really not all that far away or all that complicated.

It is my belief that achieving any goal in life begins with the will to be well. It begins with you wanting to make positive changes in your life or take control of which ever ailment is casting shadows above your head.

Cancer, diabetes, depression etc. these conditions have become that of epidemic proportions. When you stop to think about the world we live in, is there truly any wonder why we have found ourselves in such a state of poor health? Our world is a very toxic environment; the air is highly polluted, making it unfit to breathe, our water supply is unfit to drink, and the food that we consume provides absolutely no nourishment for our bodies.

The Standard American Diet is a major contributor to our deteriorating health conditions. The average person consumes a diet made up of high fat, sugar, white flour, junk food, processed foods, canned and processed meats, drugs and alcohol. None of these foods or substances that I have listed provides any sort of nutrients that the body needs to function properly. When the body is in a constant state of malnourishment illness is to be expected.

Our main focus is to let you know that achieving and maintaining health, or anything in life does not have to be considered an unreachable goal. In the words of my mother, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” I could not agree with her more. Health and wellness is available to any individual willing to go against the grain, or take the road less traveled. In the beginning, change is always scary and sometimes difficult, but with commitment and dedication any and all of your goals can be reached, until the day you stop trying to reach them.

 Our donations:

Unfortunately, the past few years have been very difficult for my family due to cancer; which is why we cannot stress enough the importance of practicing prevention. I would have to say that I have the worst health history, the women in my family suffer from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, but what scares me the most is our history of cancer.

My Grandmother Connie Espinoza passed away from Colon cancer before I was born so I never got a chance to meet her, although I had dreams about it. Two of my cousins both very young passed away from Cancer also; Christopher Espinoza was 18 years old when he passed due to Leukemia, and his sister Rosalie Cabrera was 26 years old when she passed due to Brain Cancer.

My Mother Alice Rose Espinoza followed soon after, she passed away at the age of 75 from Lymphoma, which came as quite a shock to my family, and most recently about a week after Thanksgiving of 2009 my Tia Irene Morales passed away from what began as colon cancer. I am just so grateful that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with her before she passed.

Needless to say, cancer research is very important to us, so we donate a portion of each purchase of a service or product to the Cancer Prevention Coalition. We believe in the importance of researching ALL forms of cancer, not just breast cancer, which is what most businesses seem to emphasize on. We do not believe that only one form of cancer should be battled, but all forms.

“The Cancer Prevention Coalition opened its national office in Chicago in July 1994, is a unique nationwide coalition of leading independent experts in cancer prevention and public health, together with citizen activists and representatives of organized labor, public interest, environmental, and women’s health groups. The Coalition has about 100 local offices in the U.S., as well as international offices.

Their goal is to reduce escalating cancer rates through a comprehensive strategy of outreach, public education, advocacy, and public policy initiatives to establish prevention as the nation’s foremost cancer policy.”

With organizations such as this, we may someday become closer to understanding cancer to its core, and ultimately defeating it. But mean time we also believe that practicing prevention and becoming familiar with Holistic health is an outstanding way to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy.

Knowledge is most certainly power, so become familiar with elements that contribute to cancer. Diet, emotional state, lack of physical activity, toxic house hold cleaning products, toxic skin care products, pharmaceuticals etc. all of these must be taken into consideration. Cancer does not discriminate; it takes a hold of all races, all genders, all religions, and all living creatures.

We thank you ever so kindly for your genuine interest in Whole Truth Holistic Health Solutions LLC.