Best Bubble Tea Store August 24, 2016 – Posted in: Food and Drinks

Bubble tea is the new kid on the block. From Asia to the United Kingdom, this mellow and refreshing beverage is currently making its way around the globe in an attempt to redefine our culinary experiences. This amazin drink is has come to stay!

Bubble What?

Bubble tea, referred to as pearl milk tea and boba, is a beverage that uses tea as the main ingredient. What makes bubble tea special is the tapioca pearls at the bottom of your glass. However, these two ingredients are just the beginning. Bubble tea is versatile and can include anything from milk and creamers to particular flavors and toppings. As a result, this creates an enormous possible bubble tea combinations available today.

And The Prize Goes To

Being a bubble tea enthusiast, it is important for a store to know how to keep up with the current trends. I tend to scan thoroughly for everything that a bubble tea store in London has to offer. This ranges from the customer service to the quality of the products. Hachoo Bubble Tea has managed to meet all of my bubble tea standards and even exceed them by surprising me with new and exciting combo suggestions. So, here is why Hachoo Bubble Tea is my favorite bubble tea store in London.

  1. The Location

Hachoo Bubble Tea is not an average, run-of-the-mill bubble tea store. It is actually a pop up stall in Canada Water Plaza Market. As soon as you arrive at Canada Water, it is not difficult to spot their stall. Being able to find a bubble tea store is very important. There are other stalls that are literally in a basement. Being situated near the underground station, it is convenience to grab a bubble tea on the way or after work.

  1. The Wide Range

The truth is that bubble tea is a synonym to variety. Why? Well, each time you can experiment with different ingredients and come up with a unique result. So, no matter if you love something simple (original milk tea) or a feistier version of bubble tea (Taro milk tea), Hachoo Bubble Tea has your back.

  1. The Loyalty Card

Hachoo Bubble Tea knows how to reward its customers and that’s also why I keep going back for more. The recent addition of a reward card benefits regular visitors like me. So, if you are a regular bubble tea drinker, a free drink as a reward is always a bonus.

  1. The Bubble Tea Kits

You would think that a refreshing cup of bubble tea in London is mine for the taking. However, I’ve had some lazy days when I didn’t feel like doing anything. So, the Make-Your-Own Bubble Tea Kit came in quite handy. Now, bubble tea is conviently available in my own kitchen.