Top 5 Types Of Sushi Rolls You Need To Know About August 24, 2016 – Posted in: Food and Drinks

The sushi industry is one of the most profitable in Japan and with good reason. The vast choice of sushi types is bound to satisfy almost everyone’s culinary requests. However, certain sushi roll types seem to please hungry sushi serial eaters the most. Choosing from the plethora of vegetables to how the fish is served (raw or cooked) I only the beginning. Here is a list of my top 5 sushi rolls. Make sure to dive in one of the following types next time you feel like eating sushi.

1) California Roll

Also known as makizushi, this kind of sushi roll consists of the following three ingredients: crab meat, avocado, and cucumber. California rolls taste great when accompanied with mayonnaise sauce. Apart from the mainstream version, sushi experts have spiced things up by adding some tuna (ahi) into the mix. The ever-growing popularity of this sushi roll version speaks volumes.

2) Rainbow Roll

This type of sushi owes its existence to the inventive minds of a handful sushi masters in Japan. If you take a close look at it, you will see that rainbow rolls are California rolls wrapped with sashimi and avocado. So, what the sushi chef does is coat California rolls with the above ingredients and place them diagonally to give off a “rainbow” effect.


3) Spicy Tuna Roll

This sushi type is probably the most popular one due to its familiar taste and eye-catching colors. Spicy tuna rolls are made of tuna (!) dipped in mayo, scallion and chili oil mix that is responsible for the spicy taste. Sushi chefs cover the spicy tuna filling with rice.


4) Tempura Roll

Tempura roll is the only version of deep-fried sushi rolls included in this list. The main ingredients for traditional tempura rolls are shrimp tempura, rice, avocados and optionally, grilled unagi (eel). The deep-fried sushi roll has a thick texture that delights in every bite.


5) Dragon Roll

This sushi roll is all about creativity and originality. As a result, you shall probably never run into the same version of dragon roll more than once (maybe twice). Chefs are the ones to determine how the dragon roll shall look like each time and which ingredients shall feature. However, dragon rolls usually contain eel, cucumber, and thinly sliced avocado to give off the illusion of depth and scale.